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I hope this will be helpful. If you would like to see a list of products that have been approved by the FDA, click here: FDA Approved detox products. There are many different types of detox products that people buy. The following are just a few of the most common ones.


EZ NUT (Ez-nut) is a very popular brand of detox products. It's actually a very long name. EZ NUT is made by several different companies. The company that makes it is called EZ NUT. Some of their products can be used to help detox and help your body detox naturally. EZ NUT is not very widely available.

If you read the list of ingredients, the EZ NUT line is mostly made from natural ingredients and is often labeled "no animal product". The "No Animal Product" label is the best way to tell whether or not EZ NUT is really safe and the product is indeed effective. However, there are some companies who have made claims about the ingredient being "no animal product" and this is not true. EZ NUT also claims to not be made from any chemicals, but they do contain a variety of plant-based ingredients that could also be used in animal products.

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Digest It

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