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This list is sorted by price and by how many reviews I can find of that toy. You will also find many reviews for other types of sex toys here. The next two lists are alphabetical by brand name. There are many toys and brands with similar name that are very good, but I can't find many reviews. The next list is sorted alphabetically by type of toy. A vibrator that does NOT fit my hand. Some people find this kind of sex toy hard to wear because it is too small and is not comfortable. A dildo that is too large. It is difficult to find a good sized dildo with a very narrow base. The first few items on this list are for people who want a better fit and comfort for their toy. But in order to keep this list more accurate and useful, you need to take into consideration that many people don't know exactly what size or shape they want. So before you order any type of sex toy, you should try to find out how much you need. This will make sure that you are buying a sex toy that is perfect for your needs.

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Nikita Palmer

If we trust the many experiences that arise at the moment, many enthusiasts are able to increase th...